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September 2018

On 17 and 18 September, the Royal Society hosted the final Energy Materials symposium as a scientific discussion meeting, entitled 'Energy materials for a low carbon future'. The meeting brought together world-renowned experts in the field including batteries, solar power and fuel cells, and aimed at setting the agenda for future energy materials research.


September 2017

On 22nd September, PI Saiful Islam ended his Royal Institution Christmas Lecture tour in Tokyo. Photos of the event can be seen in the Photo Gallery and a link to the lectures can be found here.


On 7th September, the 4th Energy Materials Symposium took place at the University of Bath. The day was a great success and had the highest turnout of the symposium series, with over 110 delegates! The flash poster presentations were particularly enjoyed as a new addition to the symposium programme.

Click here for photos from the Symposium.


August 2017

As part of his duties as the 2016 Royal Institution Christmas Lecturer, Saiful Islam recently visited Singapore to deliver the lectures again as part of the Singapore Science Festival 2017. During this visit, he also gave a guest research lecture at the National University of Singapore on energy materials for lithium batteries and solar cells. The lectures are available on online here.


July 2017

Suzy Wallace volunteered at the Royal Society Summer Science exhibition from 4-9th July 2017 and has written a blog post about her experiences at the exhibition. Read more here.


December 2016

Principle Investigator Saiful Islam gave the 80th anniversary 2016 Royal Institution Christmas Lectures on the subject of energy. The three lectures, entitled 'Supercharged: Fuelling the Future', were aired from 26-28th December 2016 and are available to watch on BBC iPlayer. To find out more about the lectures, click here. Saiful and the Christmas lectures were also featured in news articles by a number of publications, including The Observer and Chemistry World.


















November 2016

The next Energy Materials consortium meeting is being arranged for 1st February 2017 and will be taking place in Cardiff. Details are currently being finalised.


October 2016

The third symposium was featured in an article by the RSC news.


























September 2016

The third Energy Materials Symposium took place at the University of Bath on 8th September. Key speakers included Prof. Jawwad Darr (UCL), Prof. Ken Durose (University of Liverpool), Dr. Sylvie Hébert (Caen, France) and Prof. Peter Slater (University of Birmingham).


November 2015

The Royal Society of Chemistry included an article on our 2015 Energy Materials symposium in their monthly news publication.

































September 2015

Second successful symposium on clean energy materials

Pictures can be found here.


August 2015

New research could improve solar cells


September 2014

The Energy Materials Symposium took place at the University of Bath on September 22nd. Pictures can be seen here.


April 2014

Funding boost to develop new green energy materials


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