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The provision of clean sustainable energy is among the most urgent challenges to society and to the global economy, and poses fundamental, exciting scientific questions.


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Our project on this EPSRC Programme Grant (EP/K016288/1) involving the University of Bath, UCL and Daresbury Labs will develop and apply predictive techniques for modelling the atomic level operation of energy materials.


Materials performance lies at the heart of the development and optimisation of green energy technologies, and computational methods now play a vital role in modelling and predicting the properties of complex materials.

The performance of energy storage and conversion devices is controlled by the atomistic and electronic processes within bulk materials, nano-structures, and across interfacial boundaries. But, these processes remain poorly understood.


Consortium academics and advisory board.

Back (left to right): John Kilner (Imperial), Aron Walsh (Bath), Emma Kendrick (Sharp), Steve Parker (Bath), Nora de Leeuw (Cardiff), Paul Sherwood (DL), Richard Catlow (UCL), Suhuai Wei (NREL, USA);

Front (left/right): Saiful Islam (Bath, PI), Christian Masquelier (Picardie, France).

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